Crate Road

Feature type: road
Province: British Columbia
Location: Forks off Blackman Road

Lloyd Crate (born 1920) was maintenance foreman for the department of highways for most of the twenty-five years he worked in the McBride-Tête Jaune Cache area. Crate was born in Prince Rupert, and came to Lucerne, in Mount Robson Park, around 1945. Ice from Lucerne Lake supplied Canadian National Railroad passenger trains, and Crate worked in the icehouses one summer. Starting in 1936, the Crate family operated a fishing and hunting camp on Yellowhead Lake. In 1961 they moved to Tête Jaune Cache. At a farewell dance in the Red Pass community hall, “best wishes were extended from all the district with the hope that Lloyd will frequently be seen in the district operating the highways grader.” He retired in 1980.


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