Upper Raush Protected Area

British Columbia. Protected Area: Fraser River drainage
Upper Raush River
52.9622 N 119.9931 W — Map 083D13 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 2001
Official in BCCanada

Upper Raush Protected Area established by Order in Council 57, 25 January 2001 and redescribed as per Order in Council 2001/398: the whole containing approximately 5582 hectares.

While the Upper Raush (5,582 ha) and Lower Raush (1,279 ha) are two distinctly separate protected areas, their adjacency and similarity warrant their being documented as one unit.

Created through the efforts of the Robson Valley Land and Resource Management Plan and the Protected Areas Strategy, these protected areas protect portions of an undeveloped, relatively pristine watershed. Located on the southwest side of the Fraser River, just south of McBride, these protected areas have no road access or facilities of any kind. As part of the Northern Columbia Mountains Ecosection, these protected areas contain four biogeoclimatic subzones. Dominating the valley floor is Sub-boreal Spruce (SBSdh) while slightly upslope a rare variant of Interior Cedar Hemlock (ICHmm) exists. Higher yet, one finds Engelmann Spruce-Subalpine Fir (ESSFmm1) melding into Alpine Tundra (AT).

There is no road access to either of these protected areas. There is an old road on the east side of the Raush River, on private land, and permission from the owner must be obtained. The Lower Raush protects excellent riparian wildlife habitat, while the Upper Raush protects a variety of biogeoclimatic subzones.


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