James Teit’s map Shuswap Territory 1909

Map showing the Shuswap Territory. Figure 199, p. 450, Teit

Map showing the Shuswap Territory. Figure 199, p. 450, Teit

Fig. 199. Map showing the Shuswap Territory.

A – Fraser River Division
B – Cañon Division, territory now largely occupied by the Chilcotin
C – Lake Division
D – North Thompson Division

D’ – Kinbasket
D” – Former territory of the Iroquois Band
D”’ – Shuswap, Cree, and Iroquois mixed
E – Bonaparte Division

F – Kamloops Division.
G – Shuswap Lake Division.
G’ – Arrow Lake Band.
• – Villages.
+ – Former villages

Dotted area, territory recently occupied by the Chilcotin.
Area at head of Fraser River, enclosed by broken double lines, temporarily occupied by the Sekanai.


James Alexander Teit (1864 —1922) was an anthropologist, photographer and guide who worked with Franz Boas to study Interior Salish First Nations peoples in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Accompanying Boaz, he was a member of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition, a major anthropological expedition to Siberia, Alaska, and the northwest coast of Canada. The purpose of the expedition was to investigate the relationships among the peoples at each side of the Bering Strait.


  • Teit, James Alexander [1864–1922]. The Jesup North Pacific Expedition. Memoir of the American Museum of Natural History. Volume 2, Part 7. The Shuswap. New York: Stechert, 1909. American Museum of Natural History

2 thoughts on “James Teit’s map Shuswap Territory 1909

  1. Mildred

    I am looking for the first part of James Teit on the Shuswap. From pages 1 to page page 446 ? These pages are the first part of the book and I am unable to find it.Can you please send me these pages, I sure would appreciate it.

    1. Swany Post author

      According the the Wikipedia page on the Jesup North Pacific Expedition, Volume 2 had seven parts, and Teit’s chapter on the Shuswap was part seven. The previous parts, pages 1-446, were not about the Shuswap.

      I am not aware of any place you can find these previous parts.


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