Blackstone Glacier

British Columbia. Glacier: North Thompson River drainage
SE of Thompson Glacier, at head of North Thompson River
52.65 N 119.6667 W — Map 83D/12 — GoogleGeoHack
Earliest known reference to this name is 1939 (Zillmer)
Name officially adopted in 1962
Official in BCCanada
This glacier appears on:
Zillmer maps of Cariboo 1939-1948 [1939]

Raymond T. Zillmer wrote of his exploration of the source of the Thompson River:

It was my purpose [in 1939] to travel up the Thompson Valley to its source, explore its source, determine its relation to the Raush, and cross the range, if possible, going out by way of the Canoe River.…

We had two other alternatives. One was to climb the moun­tain E. of where we then stood, by following a ridge alongside and S. of a creek that came into the Thompson a little N. of us, named Blackstone Creek by Miss Frye. Above timberline we would get to a large icefield which fed this creek and which we called Blackstone Glacier.

Ella Frye was a trapper on the North Thompson.


  • Zillmer, Raymond T. [1887–1960]. “The exploration of the source of the Thompson River in British Columbia.” American Alpine Journal, Vol. 4, No. 1 (1940):69–81. American Alpine Club

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