Pre-emptor’s map Tête Jaune 3H 1919

Pre-emptor's map, Tête Jaune Sheet 3H, 1919

Pre-emptor’s map, Tête Jaune Sheet 3H, 1919
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Library

British Columbia Department of Lands
Honourable T. D. Patullo, Minister
J. E. Umbach, Surveyor-General
Pre-emptor’s map — Tête Jaune Sheet, 1919
Map. No. 3H
This map includes:
Albreda (GTP railway point)
Baker Creek
Bess Pass
Mount Bess
Blackbear Creek
Cache Creek
Canoe River (railway point)
Castle Creek
Catfish Creek
Clyde Creek
Cranberry Lake
Cranberry (Railway point)
Curve Creek [Curve Cr. (Coyote)]
Diggings Creek
Dome Creek
Doré River
East Twin Creek [East Twin Cr. (Kennedy)]
Eddy Creek
Fleet Creek
Ghita Creek
Goat River
Grant Brook (GTP railway point)
Holliday Creek [Holliday (Baker) Cr.]
Holmes River [Holmes (Beaver) River]
Horsey Creek [Horsey Cr. (Horse)]
Horseshoe Lake
Jackman (railway point)
Jackpine River
Kiwa Creek [Kiwa (Little Shuswap) Cr.]
La Salle Lakes
La Salle Creek
Little Smoky River (Morkill)
Mount Longstaff
Lucerne (CNoR railway point)
Lucerne (GTP railway point)
Macleod Creek
Mount Macleod
McIntosh Creek
McKale River [McKale River (Blackwater)]
Milk River
Morkill River [as Morkill (Little Smoky)]
Mount Robson (railway point)
Muddywater River
Nevin Creek [Nevin (King) Creek]
North Star Creek
Packsaddle Creek
Ptarmigan Creek
Quartz Creek
Rainbow (GTP railway point)
Raush Valley (railway point)
Raush River [Raush (Raushuswap) River]
Red Pass Junction
Resplendent (GTP railway point)
Salmon River
Sand Creek
Selkirk Mountains
Sheep Creek
Sheep Pass [as Sheep Cr. Pass]
Slim Creek
Small Creek
Smoky River
South Fork Fraser River
Spittal Creek
Summit Creek
Swift Creek
Swift Creek (railway point)
Torpy River [as Torpy (Clearwater)]
Tête Creek [Tête (Sand) Cr.]
Tête Jaune station
Tête Jaune Cache
Whitehorse Creek
Wolverine Creek
Yellowjacket Creek

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