Croydon Ferry Road

British Columbia. Road
Branches north off Dunster-Croydon Road W of Croydon
53.0717 N 119.7176 W GoogleGeoHack
Roads are not in the official geographical names databases

There was a ferry across the Fraser River at the end of this road, connecting to the Croydon Road North.

One thought on “Croydon Ferry Road

  1. Rod McInnes

    When we were in North Croydon for the 1964-65 school year there were two classrooms. My Dad taught grades 4-8 and a Mrs Melanesia taught K-3. I was the only kid in Grade 7 and Teresa Lorenz was the only one in Grade 8. My sister was in Grade 5 with three others and my brother was in grade 4 with four others. Some of the kids I remember were Teresa, Mike and Leon Lorenz, Mike and Elizabeth Widell, Elmer Seban, Wddy and Marie Olson, Bruce Langstaff, a Mitchell and Donna-Jean Carlson. The Lorenz family lived at the end of the road where the ferry landing used to be near Horsey Creek. Cochranes homestead was also nearby. The ferry was out when we were there in 1964.


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