Elysium Pass

Alberta. Pass
Head of Minaga Creek and Snaring River
52.9547 N 118.3394 W — Map 083D16 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1951
Official in Canada

If you have a map of Jasper Park you will see a Pass called Elysium Pass, along the Pyramid range, and lies North west of Jasper. Curlie lost his life in the slide that came down North of the Pass on the waters of the Snaring River.

— Letter from Bert Wilkins to James Monroe Thorington [1895–1989], April 10, 1938

Wilkins was refering to the death of Donald “Curly” Phillips [1884–1938].


  • Banff: Whyte Museum. J. Monroe Thorington fonds M106/147 (1924). Whyte Museum
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