Mammoth Mountain

Earliest known reference to this name is 1914
Feature type: Mountain
Province: British Columbia
Location: Former name for The Beaver

This mountain is called “Mammoth Mt.” on the “Preliminary Map of the Canadian Rocky Mountains between Jarvis Pass and Yellowhead Pass” (Bull. Amer. Geog. Soc. Vol. XLVII, No. 7, 1915), showing the route followed by Mary L. Jobe in August 1914, with guide Donald Phillips. The map shows the Holmes River as “Beaver River.”


  • Jobe, Mary Lenore [1878–1966]. “Mt. Kitchi: A New Peak in the Canadian Rockies.” Bulletin of the American Geographical Society, Volume 47, No. 7 (1915):481-497. Map follows p. 496. JSTOR
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