Kitchi, Mount

British Columbia. Former unofficial name
Mount Sir Alexander
53.9333 N 120.3833 W GoogleGeoHack
Earliest known reference to this name is 1915 (Jobe)
Not currently an official name.
This former unofficial name appears on:
Jobe map Jarvis to Yellowhead 1915
Mt. Kitchi from the southeast showing the Towers. 
Photo, Mary L. Jobe, 1914

Mt. Kitchi from the southeast showing the Towers.
Photo, Mary L. Jobe, 1914
Canadian Alpine Journal 1915

“Mount Kitchi” was adopted in 1915 as established by the reports in mountaineering journals by Mary Lenore Jobe Akeley [1878–1966]. The name was changed to “Mount Alexander Mackenzie” in 1916 as recommended by American alpinist Samuel Prescott Fay [1884–1971]. The name was further changed to “Mount Sir Alexander” in the 15th Report of the Geographic Board of Canada, 31 March 1917.

To perpetuate the name “Kitchi,” Allen John Campbell [1882–1967], British Columbia Land Surveyor, placed it on Mount Kitchi to the north, as shown on his 1929 survey plan 10T264, McGregor River area.


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