Pepper Pit Road

British Columbia. Road
Forks off N Dunster-Croydon Road

George (1899-1978) and Pearl (b. 1904) Pepper came to Dunster from Calgary in 1958. George was born in Calgary, and Pearl in Poplar Point, Manitoba. Pearl’s family moved to Saskatchewan in 1910, and George’s in 1918. They were married in Saskatchewan in 1924, and farmed there until moving to Alberta in 1937. From 1942 to 1955, George was in the Army and the civil service.

In 1955 he returned to Calgary where he worked and drove stage for the Brewster Line and also was a packer for the Brewster’s at Banff and for the lodge at the Columbia Icefields.

George suffered from poor health and couldn’t stand hard work. After their move to Dunster, they farmed with horses, and when they eventually got a tractor, George couldn’t use it because of his health. Their house burnt in 1963, and they sold their property. In 1974 they moved to McBride.


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