Stag Ranch

Feature type: settlement
Province: British Columbia
Location: Mountainview Road, across from Koeneman Park

The ranch house was built in the early 1920s by the Jayes. Three old bachelors, Charles Dredger (1883-1970), Louie Noon and Eddie Egan (d. ca. 1940), purchased the ranch in 1931. Dredger said, “That’s how this place got the name of the Stag Ranch, and it’s been staggering ever since.”

Dredger came to the area in 1911, while the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad was under construction. He drove scows transporting supplies down the Fraser River from Tête Jaune Cache to Prince George. After guiding their unwieldy craft downriver, the bargemen then had to walk back, a distance of 160 miles. Charlie made the trip five times.


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