Wates-Gibson Hut

Alberta. Backcountry hut
Tonquin Valley near headwaters of Astoria River
52.6633 N 118.2567 W GoogleGeoHack
Not currently an official name.
Cyril G. Wates

Cyril G. Wates
Canadian Alpine Journal, Vol 29, No. 2, p. 277

The hut is named for Cyril G. Wates [1883–1946] and E. Rex Gibson [1892–1957], who made early explorations in the Tonquin Valley.

This third version of the Wates-Gibson Hut was built in 1959 after two previous structures in different locations were found to be inadequate for various reasons.

There is a seasonal closure in place for caribou conservation. No access to this backcountry area is permitted between November 1 and May 15.


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