Channell Road

Feature type: road
Province: British Columbia
Location: Forks N off Dunster-Croydon Road

Leslie S. (1891–1977) and Blanche A. (1898–1975) Channel moved from Edmonton to Dunster in 1914. Les was born in Kansas City, Missouri. and married Blanche in Edmonton in 1911. With his father Samuel Moire Channell (1863–1961) and brother John Raymond (1890–1960), Les was in the contracting business in Edmonton, hauling gravel by horse and sleigh for the High Level Bridge. Les and Blanche, Ray (d. 1960) and his wife Minnie (1891–1969) (born Springfield, Missouri) and parents Sam and Lulu all settled in the Dunster-Croydon area, where they logged poles and posts, ran a sawmill, and farmed. In 1925 the family moved to their homestead. Les was a farmer and blacksmith until 1972, when he retired to McBride.


  • McBride cemetary. Grave markers.
  • Personal correspondence.
  • Robson Valley Courier. Weekly newspaper published by Pyramid Press of Jasper from1969–88.

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