Brulé Hill

Feature type: Hill
Province: British Columbia
Location: Headwaters of Fraser River
Latitude: 52°37’00”
Longitude: 118°28’00”
NTS map: 83D/9
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names
“Brulé” means “burnt” in French. As used in Curly Phillips’s phrase, “We lost the trail and had to cut through half a mile of brulé,” it means a burnt forest. Pioneers called a burned out area a “bob ruly,” from the French bois brulé.

During a 1909 trip across the Yellowhead Pass with Stanley Washburn, Lacombe guide Fred Stephens examined a reportedly excellent stand of timber in the upper Fraser River valley. It was found to be completely burnt over.

The hill was named by the interprovincial boundary survey party of Wheeler and Cautley in 1921.


  • Wheeler, Arthur O. and Cautley, R.W. Report of the Commission appointed to delimit the boundary between the Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Part III-A. Topographical surveys of the watershed. 1922, 1923, 1924. Ottawa: Office of the Surveyor General, 1924

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