Cloud Cap Mountain

British Columbia. mount
Other name of Mount Robson

The earliest known description of Mount Robson is found in the journal of John M. Sellar. Sellar was an “Overlander,” members of parties of gold-seekers bound for the Cariboo. Sellar’s party passed the peak on August 26, 1862. “At 4 pm we passed Snow or Cloud Cap Mountain which is the highest and finest on the whole Leather Pass. it is 9000 feet above the level of the valley at its base, and the guide told us that out of 29 times that he had passed it he had only seen the top once before.”

Eleven months after the passage of John Sellar, on July 14, 1863, Viscount Milton and Dr. W.B. Cheadle passed the mountain in the course of their overland journey of adventure to the Pacific Coast. Their book contains the earliest known description of Mount Robson by name.


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