David Douglas

David Douglas [1799–1834]

b. 1799 — Scone, Scotland
d. 1834 — Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Sources of biographical information about Douglas:

  • Harvey, Athelstan George [1884–1950]. Douglas of the Fir,: A Biography of David Douglas, Botanist. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1947
  • Thorington, James Monroe [1895–1989]. The Glittering Mountains of Canada. A record of exploration and pioneering ascents in the Canadian Rockies 1914-1924. Philadelphia: John W. Lea, 1925 Internet Archive
  • Wikipedia. David Douglas
Events in the Mount Robson region in which Douglas was involved:

  • 1827 Drummond and Douglas meet at York factory waiting for boats home
  • 1827 David Douglas Athabasca pass
Works pertinent to the Mount Robson region of which Douglas was author or co-author:

  • —   Journal kept by David Douglas during his travels in North America 1823-1827, together with a particular description of thirty-three species of American oaks and eighteen species of Pinus, with appendices containing a list of the plants introduced by Douglas and an account of his death in 1834. Royal Horticultural Society, 1914

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