Hudson’s Bay Company

Hudson’s Bay Company

Sources of biographical information about Hudson’s Bay Company:

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  • Wikipedia. Hudson’s Bay Company
Events in the Mount Robson region in which Hudson’s Bay Company was involved:

  • 1670 HBC charter
  • 1722 La Vérendrye reachs Lk. Winnipeg
  • 1771 Hearne to Coppermine
  • 1774 HBC on Saskatchewan
  • 1812 NWC vs. HBC
  • 1819 Robertson in charge of Fort St Mary
  • 1820 Permanent HBC post established at Fort George
  • 1824 Simpson recrossing Athabasca Pass
  • 1824 Simpson and Ross cross Athabasca Pass from west
  • 1825 HBC becomes active on the northwest coast
  • 1825 McMillan re Tête Jaune’s Cache
  • 1827 George McDougall crosses YHP
  • 1827 David Douglas Athabasca pass
  • 1828 Chief Factor John McLoughlin takes charge of area west of the Rockies
  • 1828 James Douglas is captured in Carrier territory and released after negotiations
  • 1834 James Douglas becomes a Chief Trader within the HBC
  • 1838 HBC granted 21 year exclusive hunting and trading license to northwest coast
  • 1839 James Douglas becomes a Chief Factor within HBC
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