Dawson Creek

Feature type: Creek (1)
Province: British Columbia
Location: Flows W into Canoe Reach, S of Baker Creek
Latitude: 52°16’00”
Longitude: 118°30’00”
NTS map: 83D/7
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names
George M. Dawson

George M. Dawson

The name appears on an 1895 map of British Columbia, presumably referring to Canadian scientist and surveyor George M. Dawson (1849 – 1901). Dawson joined the Geological Survey of Canada in 1875 and led many field parties in Canada’s north and west. His work is credited as having laid the foundations of much of our knowledge of the geology and natural history of these regions. For example, during 1883 and 1884, Dawson travelled through the Canadian Rockies where he mapped out the major mountains, mountain passes, and rivers.

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