De Veber, Mount

Alberta. Mount
Headwaters of Muddywater R near Continental Divide
53.6953 N 119.6544 W — Map 083E12 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1963
Official in Canada
This mount appears on:
Pre-emptor’s map Tête Jaune 1931

During the Alberta-British Columbia Boundary survey there was a station named for Felix Plante on this mountain. It was renamed “Mount De Veber” in 1925, for Leverett George DeVeber (sometimes spelled De Veber) [1849 – 1925].

De Veber as a politician who served as member of the Legislative Assemblies of Alberta and the North-West Territories, minister in the government of Alberta, and member of the Senate of Canada. Born in New Brunswick and trained as a physician, he joined the North-West Mounted Police and came west, eventually settling in Lethbridge after leaving the police force. He represented Lethbridge in the North-West Legislative Assembly from 1898 until 1905, when Lethbridge became part of the new province of Alberta. He was appointed Minister without Portfolio in Alberta’s first government, but resigned four months later to accept an appointment to the Senate, where he remained until his death.


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