Dominion Pass

British Columbia. Unofficial name
Between Castle Creek and Cariboo River
53.0163 N 120.3732 W GoogleGeoHack
Not currently an official name.

Location approximate.

From 1871 to 1874, four expeditions searched the Cariboos to determine whether there was a practical route that could be used. In 1871, James A. Mahood, with a large party, left Quesnelle, crossed Dominion pass, and went down Castle river to the Fraser, where he wintered and continued his fruitless search the next year. Dominion pass is northwest of the higher portion of the Cariboos. This crossing with pack animals, may have been the first recorded crossing of a glacial pass in Canadian mountains..

— Zillmer

This pass does not currently seem to have a name. “Dominion Pass” is not currently recognized.


  • Zillmer, Raymond T. [1887–1960]. “Explorations in the Southern Cariboos.” Canadian Alpine Journal, Vol. 27 (1939):48-61. Alpine Club of Canada

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