Finlay Forks

British Columbia. Former locality: Peace River drainage
Confluence of Finlay River and Parsnip River, now submerged beneath Williston Lake
55.9667 N 123.8 W — Map 093O13 — GoogleGeoHack
Official in Canada

The first European explorers travelling through the Forks were Alexander Mackenzie [1764–1820] in 1793 and Simon Fraser [1776–1862] in 1805.

Aboriginal trails laced the valleys for thousands of years. With the Klondike Gold Rush, the Canadian government sought to identify safe overland routes for prospectors to reach the Yukon from Edmonton. As water transport could be expensive, these were intended as wagon trails. The initial NWMP Trail, surveyed during 1897–98 by Inspector J.D. Moodie with First Nations guides, passed along the northeast bank of the Forks. Hordes coming from the south would join the trail here. Prospectors also passed through the vicinity on their way to gold rushes at Barkerville (1860s), Omineca (1871–72), and McConnell Creek (1907–08).


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