Forgetmenot Mountain

British Columbia. Mountain
Between Forgetmenot Mountain and Morkill River
53.7186 N 120.3283 W — Map 093H09 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1965
Official in BCCanada

Forgetmenot Mountain adopted in 1965 on 93H, not “Myosotis Mountain” as labelled on 1929 survey plan 10T264, McGregor River Area, drawn by Alan John Campbell [1882–1967], assistant surveyor to Arthur Oliver Wheeler [1860–1945] on the Alberta-British Columbia Boundary Commission.

“Myosotis Montain” was named by Campbell in association with Forgetmenot Pass and Forgetmenot Creek, in turn used by boundary surveyors in 1925 because of the abundance of flowers in the pass. Myosotis (literally ‘mouse ear’ ) is a large genus of herbs. Myosotis palustris is the common Forget-me-not.


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