Forgetmenot Creek

Feature type: Creek (1)
Province: British Columbia
Location: Flows SW into Morkill River
Latitude: 53°41’00”
Longitude: 120°26’00”
NTS map: 93H/9
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names
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Mary Jobe and Donald Phillips came through this area in 1914 on their way to Mount Kitchi (Mount Sir Alexander).

“After searching for hours for a camp ground and feed for our horses, we came at last upon a beautifully clear stream-another branch of the Little Smoky-and pitched our tents on an old Indian camp ground. The tepee poles were grass grown and rotten, left there years before doubtless by roving Crees who had come in from Grand Cache by the Muddy Water river. We called this stream Forget-me-not Creek, as it drains Forget-me-not Pass. It was reached, moreover, after a memorable day of hard trail work.”


  • Jobe, Mary L. “Mt. Kitchi: A New Peak in the Canadian Rockies.” Bulletin of the American Geographical Society, Volume 47, No. 7 (1915):481-497. JSTOR. p. 486

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