Goodell Creek

Feature type: creek
Province: British Columbia
Location: Flows NW into Holmes River, E of McBride
Latitude: 53°17’49”N
Longitude: 119°27’18”W
NTS map: 83E/6
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names
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When a name to the watercourse was required for a water licence for independent power production in 2010, the BC Geographical Names Office adopted Goodell Creek to recall W. R. Goodell, an outfitter and guide who operated out of the Dunster-McBride area in the 1920s and 1930s. The Office cites several passages in Marilyn Wheeler’s Robson Valley Story.

There is a recording at the BC Archives of an interview with Oliver Goodell in 1983, in which Oliver talks of his father (W. R.?) guiding hunters out of the McBride area around 1919.

L. E. “Slim” Goodell was a horse packer for Rollin T. Chamberlin’s expedition up Tête Creek in 1924.


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