Goodell Creek

Feature type: creek
Province: British Columbia
Location: Flows NW into Holmes River, E of McBride
Latitude: 53°17’49”N
Longitude: 119°27’18”W
NTS map: 83E/6
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names

Name adopted in 2010 to recall W.R. Goodell, an outfitter and guide who operated out of the Dunster-McBride area in the 1920s and 1930s. A name to the watercourse was required for a water licence for independent power production. References to Goodell in The Robson Valley Story by Marilyn Wheeler: pp 31, 86, 137, 357, 366, 367, 414, 449, 653.

Oliver Goodell interview – BC Archives

Recorded by Kreg O. Sky, Dunster, 1983.

Father [presumably W. R.] guided hunters out of McBride area, circa 1919. Jack Renshaw was another outfitter. Change of guide regulations, late 1920s. Hunting with riverboats along upper Fraser River. Outdoor Life advertising. Original high trail east of McBride. Beaver (Holmes ) River. Boat hunting cheaper. Used Renshaw’s horses. Accounts as a riverboat man on topographic surveys in Northern Rockies, circa 1929. Surveyors. Panned gold during Depression. Horse work for army training schemes during WWII. Some wrangling out of Mt. Robson. Dome Creek guides, Bob Wiley and Slim Fry.


  • Wheeler, Marilyn. The Robson Valley Story. McBride, B.C.: Sternwheeler Press, 1983
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