Gordon Road

Feature type: road
Province: British Columbia
Location: Loops N off Hwy 16 E of McBride

Donald Gordon arrived at Swift Creek (Valemount) in 1912. He and his wife Minnie opened the area’s first cafe, later enlarged into a hotel, in 1922. Donald and Minnie Gordon, “rancher and housekeeper,” appear on the 1937 Valemount voters’ list. The Gordons’ place was a favorite spot for parties. Minnie, who was part Indian, always had a pot of moose stew on the stove for visitors. If any old-timer had not been seen for a few days, Minnie would head out with her medicine bag on a mission of mercy. She was also a mid-wife. The Gordons moved to Kamloops and later New Westminster.

But was this road near McBride named for them?


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