Kakwa River

Feature type: River
Province: British Columbia
Location: Flows NE across BC-Alberta boundary into Smoky River, E of Jarvis Lakes, N of McBride
Latitude: 54°05’59”
Longitude: 120°00’04”
NTS map: 93I/1
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names
Google Maps

Name appears on BC-Alberta Boundary Atlas sheet #39, 1924. The river was been labeled “Porcupine River” on 1912 map of BC Northern Interior (publisher not cited), and on BC Lands 1913 Preliminary Forest Map, and on BC Lands 1917 map of the Forest Stand Types in British Columbia.

Mountaineer F. Prescott Fay, who spent the summers of 1912-14 tracking big game in this area, suggested the name be changed [or revert (?)] to “Kakwa”, the Cree word for porcupine.


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