Main Street

Feature type: street
Province: British Columbia
Location: McBride

“The towns fringing the Grand Trunk Pacific, which on the average are spaced about eight miles apart, are all located on the northern side of the line, with one or two exceptions. The principal thoroughfare striking directly from the station is always the Main Street, and is generally known as such. It is a noble highway 80 feet in width, which provides a 60 foot roadway.” So wrote Frederick Talbot in his book written for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway in 1912, The making of a great Canadian railway.


  • Talbot, Frederick A. The making of a great Canadian railway. The story of the search for and discovery of the route, and the construction of the nearly completed Grand Trunk Pacific Railway from the Atlantic to the Pacific with some account of the hardships and stirring adventures of its constructors in unexplored country.. London: Seely, 1912

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