Feature type: Village (1)
Province: British Columbia
Location: On CNR, S of Doré River
Latitude: 53°18’00”
Longitude: 120°10’00”
NTS map: 93H/8
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names

In 1911 the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway surveyors chose as a townsite and divisional point Mile 90, where the valley opened up into a wide flat area with an ample water supply. They named the new town after the premier of British Columbia, Richard McBride. In 1910, when Louie Knutson first came through what is now the village of McBride, it was known as the Flats. The McBride post office opened in February, 1914.

Richard McBride (1870-1917) was the first British Columbia premier to be born in the province. McBride’s government chartered a new railway, the Grand Trunk Pacific, but the government did not initially grant a subsidy. Later it did make certain grants which lead to cries of corruption and a demand for investigation.

See the Wikipedia article on Richard McBride.


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