Nord, Mount

British Columbia. Former unofficial name
Cariboo Mountains
Not currently an official name.
This former unofficial name appears on:
Zillmer maps of Cariboo 1939-1948 [1946]

We went over over the ridge without much trouble, however, and then took a course westward a little below timber line, whereas, had we known it, we could have again taken a better route on the quite level alpine meadows above timber line. Shortly after noon we saw N3 below us and were surprised to see smoke in the valley. Jim thought the camper was Joel Nord, a prospector whom he knew, but he was not sure, so he cautioned me to be quiet as he approached the camp and held his loaded gun ready for firing.

It proved to be Joel Nord, who had been prospecting for mica in this locality for three years. We camped with him, and I obtained a great deal of information from him, for he had made a very thorough examination of the country to the N., S., and W. of us and had staked out over half a dozen mica claims that looked very promising. The information proved to be of great value and saved us considerable effort and time.

— Zillmer

  • Zillmer, Raymond T. [1887–1960]. “The exploration of the sources of the McLennan River.” American Alpine Journal, Vol. 6, No. 1 (1946). American Alpine Club

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