Ozalenka Peak

British Columbia. Peak
W of McBride
53°16’18” N 120°27’00” W — Map 93H/8 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1994
Official in BCCanada

In the 1940’s the name “Osilinka” was proposed for the mountain, however, as this is a Sekani name translated as “river where wild rhubarb grows” (and that correctly refers to a river in the Omineca watershed), the proposal was turned down. McBride-area residents adjusted the spelling of “their” peak, and the name became entrenched.

“Osalinka” was adapted from the Sekani name for the river, Uslì’ Gah (Guzagi K’úgé, published by Kaska Tribal Council, Watson Lake, 1997). Spelled “Oslinca” on map in Geological Survey Report 1895; spelled “Ustlinkhah” on 1907 map of Northern Interior of British Columbia, by Fr. A.G.Morice. Spelled “Osilinka” on BC Lands’ map 1H, 1917. The anglecized spelling “Oosiliinka” would be the nearest approximation to Indian pronunciation [source/date for pronunciation advice not cited.] The name means ‘the river on which wild rhubarb grows’ according to W. Steele, Mining Recorder at Manson Creek.


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