Phil and Jennie Gaglardi Park

Feature type: Park
Province: British Columbia
Location: Near the Fraser River Bridge; Hwy16 and Raven Road, McBride
Latitude: 53.31371 N
Longitude: 120.1847 W
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Philip Arthur Gaglardi (1913–1995), sometimes known as “Flying Phil,” was a politician in British Columbia. He is best known as Minister of Highways in the BC government from 1952 to 1972.

Sons Bob Gaglardi was founder of Northland Properties (whose holdings include the 60-hotel Sandman Hotel chain and 100-plus restaurants under various labels) whose family is the current owner of the National Hockey League’s Dallas Stars.

Reporting on a 1970 McBride Chamber of Commerce meeting with Liberal MP Bob Borrie, the Robson Valley Courier reported that “A point of interest arose from a remark passed by Mr. Borrie concerning the supposed grab-off of property along the by-pass highway near McBride by the Gaglardis. He was assured that such was not the case — the property in question [site of the Sandman Hotel in McBride] was up for sale long before the Gaglardis stepped in, the by-pass was built and the new Fraser Bridge under construction before the sale so that there should have been no doubt in anyone’s mind as to the value of the property.”


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