Pinkerton Creek

British Columbia. Creek: Fraser River drainage
Flows S from Pinkerton Lake into Haggen Creek, N of Wells
53.5781 N 121.5833 W — Map 093H12 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1960
Official in BCCanada

Adopted in 1960 as an established local name, and as labelled on BC Lands’ map 1G, 1959.

Note that another watercourse, flowing northwest into Bowron River, was labelled “Pinkerton (Spruce) Creek” on BC Lands’s map 3A, 1915, 1921 & 1944 editions – presumably the stream had been understood to drain Pinkerton Lake. The stream tributary to Bowron River has since been adopted as Spruce Creek, and the name “Pinkerton Creek” has been applied to the stream that drains Pinkerton Lake into Haggen Creek.

Another Pinkerton Creek less than 60km south of here, tributary to Jack of Clubs Creek near Barkerville. That creek was named after John Pinkerton, one of the Overlanders of 1862, who partnered with Thaddeus Harper in mining claims in the Cariboo — possibly the same namesake.

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