Raymond T. Zillmer

Ray Zillmer

Ray Zillmer

Raymond T. Zillmer [1887–1960]

b. 1887 — Milwaukee, Wisconsin
d. 1960 — Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Zillmer was an American attorney, mountaineer, and conservationist. During the 1930s-40s, Zillmer became an accomplished and respected explorer and mountaineer. In July, 1934 Zillmer was part of a team of five mountaineers who completed the first ascent of Anchorite Peak, British Columbia, Canada. He would go on to complete several other first ascents and describe previously uncharted lands. In the summer of 1938, he and Lorin Tiefenthaler retraced the steps of the expedition of Alexander Mackenzie [1764–1820] in 1792-93 between the Fraser and Bella Coola rivers. He described the adventure in detail in his first of four articles published in the Canadian Alpine Journal.

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Zillmer is the namesake of the following places in the Mount Robson region:

Works pertinent to the Mount Robson region of which Zillmer was author or co-author:

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