Feature type: mount
Province: British Columbia
Location: Former name for Mount Robson

“The Kamloops Indians affirm, that the very highest mountain they know is on the north side of the valley at Tête Jaune Cache, about ten miles from the valley. This is named Yuh-hai-has-kun, from the appearnace of a spiral road running up it. No one haver been known to reach the top, though a former chief of Tsuk-tsuk-kwalk, on the North Thompson, was near the top once when hunting goats. When he realized how high he had climbed he became frightened and returned.”


  • Dawson, George Mercer [1849–1910]. “Notes on the Shuswap people of British Columbia.” Transactions of the Royal Society Canada, Section II (1891). p. 37. University of British Columbia

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