Zeidler Drive

Feature type: road
Province: British Columbia
Location: Forks N off Hwy 16, W of McBride

W.R. Zeidler (d. 1973) founded Zeidler Forest Industries in 1934 with a small one-man millwork plant in Edmonton, manufacturing windows, sash and frames. Born in Cologne, Germany, Zeidler came to Edmonton in 1928. As a result of his humanitarian concerns, Zeidler received the Alberta Government Achievement Award. In 1984, Zeidler Forest Industries employed almost 500 people in plywood and lumber plants in McBride, Slave Lake, Barhead, and Edmonton, Alberta. Margaret Zeidler served as president of the company from the death of her husband until her retirement in 1984.


  • Robson Valley Courier. Weekly newspaper published by Pyramid Press of Jasper from1969–88.

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