Driscoll Creek

Feature type: Creek (1)
Province: British Columbia
Location: Flows N into Fraser River, S of Longworth
Latitude: 53°52’00”
Longitude: 121°26’00”
NTS map: 93H/14
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names

This name was approved by the Geographic Board of Canada in 1923.

Perhaps it was named after Alfred Driscol, who became a Dominion Land Surveyor in 1872. In 1893 he served on a preliminary Alaska-Canada boundary survey, and in 1905 surveyed the Victoria Trail out of Edmonton. As early as 1917 he suggested that the abandoned railway grade between Edmonton and Jasper offered a foundation for a highway, and with Charles H. Grant, president of the Edmonton Good Roads Association, agitated for a road to Jasper. His last year of active practice as a surveyor was 1931. There is no indication that he ever worked in the Robson Valley.


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