Horsey Creek

British Columbia. Creek: Fraser River drainage
Flows SW into Fraser River, NW of Croydon
53.1 N 119.7333 W — Map 83E/4 — GoogleGeoHack
Earliest known reference to this name is 1909 (Washburn)
Name officially adopted in 1963
Official in BCCanada

The name was known to Stanley Washburn in 1909, among those names “given by the trappers.”


  • Washburn, Stanley [1878–1950]. Trails, Trappers and Tenderfeet in the New Empire of Western Canada. New York and London: Henry Holt, Andrew Melrose, 1912. Hathi Trust

One thought on “Horsey Creek

  1. Rod McInnes

    Cochranes had an old homestead near the mouth of Horsey Creek where it ran into the Fraser River. It was situated a little north of the old ferry landing to Croydon. It had a large hayfield with very fertile soil. [The McInnes family lived in Croydon 1964-65.]


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