Kiwa Peak

British Columbia. Former unofficial name: Fraser River drainage
Mount Sir John Abbott
52.8 N 119.8 W GoogleGeoHack
Not currently an official name.
This former unofficial name appears on:
W. A. D. Munday’s map Cariboos 1925 [former name]

The seldom visited Cariboos are one of the most northerly and extensive mountain chains of interior British Columbia. They are also known — perhaps officially — as the McLennan Range, while the higher peaks are called the Premier Group. In this article the names of the peaks originally given by Allen Carpé and Don Munday are used. The region’s center lies some 15 miles southeast of Tête Jaune, a station on the Prince Rupert line of the Canadian National Railroad, in the triangle of high peaks formed by Mount Titan (Sir Wilfrid Laurier, ca. 11,750 ft.), Mount David Thompson (Sir John Thompson, ca. 11,250 ft.) and Mount Kiwa (Sir John Abbott, ca. 11,200 ft.). The mountains are high and heavily glaciated, but not especially difficult for the alpinist.

— Hendricks and Kauffman

  • Hendricks, Sterling Brown [1902–1981], and Kauffman, Andrew John [1920–2002]. “Cariboo Climbing.” American Alpine Journal, 7:2 (1950). American Alpine Club

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