Knole station

British Columbia. settlement
Former name of Rider
Not currently an official name.

The Knole railway station was situated 21 miles west of McBride. The name of this station was no doubt selected from the list of names that Josiah Wedgwood submitted to Grand Trunk Railway president Charles Melville Hays. Knole of Sevenoaks in Kent, England, was once the palace of the archbishops of Canterbury.

William Pittman Hinton, general passenger agent of the Grand Trunk, asked Josiah Wedgewood of Wedgewood China fame, to submit a list of names suitable for naming the stations on the new railway line, consequently many station names on the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway have a connection to England,

In 1916 noted English author Sir Henry Ryder Haggard travelled through the area on the GTPR. He was so impressed with the scenery and wrote very glowingly about it that the mountain above Crescent Spur was named Mount Rider and the glacier on the mountain was called Haggard Glacier. The rail stop at Knole was renamed Rider in his honour.


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