McNaughton Lake

British Columbia. Lake: Columbia River drainage
Previously official name of Kinbasket Lake
52.1333 N 118.45 W — Map 083D01 — GoogleGeoHack
Earliest known reference to this name is 1973
Name officially adopted in 1973
Not currently an official name
General Andrew George Latta McNaughton (1887–1966)

General Andrew George Latta McNaughton (1887–1966)

The former name for the man-made reservoir now called Kinbasket Lake recalls Andrew George Latta McNaughton (1887-1966), soldier and diplomat. McNaughton was born in Saskatchewan and joined the faculty of McGill University upon graduation. He had been a member of the Canadian Militia since 1909, and after the outbreak of war in 1914 he served overseas, was wounded twice, and became a brigadier-general in command of the Canadian Corps Heavy Artillery by the end of the war. He remained in military service until 1935, when he became president of the National Research Council. He returned to the army with the outbreak of World War II, and in 1942 became Commander of the First Canadian Army. After his retirement in 1944, he became Minister of Defense, and subsequently held many diplomatic posts. McNaughton was leader of those who advocated development of the Columbia River for hydro-power.

When the name McNaughton Lake was proclaimed by the British Columbia cabinet in 1973, a number of the residents of the East Kootenay area lobbied to change the name to Kinbasket Lake. After seven years of strenuous argument, the name was officially changed. The former name was widely dispersed and appears on maps and other documents.


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