McLennan River

Feature type: River
Province: British Columbia
Location: Flows N into Fraser River at Tête Jaune Cache
Latitude: 52°58’05”
Longitude: 119°27’40”
NTS map: 83D/14
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names
Also listed at Geographical Names in Canada
Name adopted in 1951
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In 1871-72, Canadian Pacific Railway surveyors Roderick McLennan and Charles Horetzky made a reconnaisance from the Big Bend of the Columbia River up to the North Thompson River. McLennan left Kamloops on August 19, 1871, and in October decided to winter his party in the vicinity of Tête Jaune Cache. He built a camp four or five miles upstream from the Canoe River on what consequently came to be named Camp Creek. In 1872 he undertook an expedition to Moose Lake.

George Monro Grant mentions McLennan in his book Ocean to Ocean.

[South of Albreda] the trail was as bad as could well be, although a great amount of honest work had been expended on it. Before McCord [surveyor] had come through, it must havbe been simple impassable except for an Indian on foot, — worse than when Milton and Cheadle forced through with their one pack-horse at the rate of three miles a day; for the large Canadian party [Overlanders] had immediately preceded them, whereas no one attempted to follow in their steps till McLellan [McLennan ?] , in 1871, and in the intervening nine years much of the trail had been buried out of sight, or hopelessly blocked up by masses of timber, torrents, landslides, or debris.

“The stream here called McLennan River, its real source, is also known as Mica Creek,” reported Munday in 1925.

McLennan Glacier is at the headwaters of the river.


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