Razor Peak

British Columbia. Peak
N of Moose Lake
53.0303 N 118.9686 W — Map 083E02 — GoogleGeoHack
Earliest known reference to this name is 1911 (Wheeler)
Name officially adopted in 1951
Official in BCCanada

“Across the deep valley of Red Pass stood a ridge of rock, where the strata were very nearly vertical, and the snow-filled couloirs so peculiarly shaped as to give the intervening rock the appearance of razor-blades,” wrote Arthur Oliver Wheeler [1860–1945] after the 1911 Alpine Club of Canada–Smithsonian Robson Expedition. “The culminating crest of the ridge was on that account called ‘Razor Peak.’”


  • Wheeler, Arthur Oliver [1860–1945]. “The Alpine Club of Canada’s expedition to Jasper Park, Yellowhead Pass and Mount Robson region, 1911.” Canadian Alpine Journal, Vol. 4 (1912):9-80
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