Baker Creek

British Columbia. Local name: Fraser River drainage
Local name of Holliday Creek
53.1667 N 119.9167 W GoogleGeoHack
Not currently an official name.
This local name appears on:
Pre-emptor’s map Tête Jaune 3H 1919

The name is among those “given by the trappers,” according to Stanley Washburn [1878–1950] , who canoed down the Fraser River from Tête Jaune Cache to Fort George in 1909.

On the 1919 map, the creek appears as “Holliday (Baker) Creek,” perhaps named for Charlie Baker, who froze to death on Macleod Creek in January 1909. With three other men Baker had prospected the Goat River, and got lost returning to Barkerville.

A different Baker Creek flowing into the Columbia River is an official name.


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