Campion Creek

British Columbia. Creek: Fraser River drainage
Flows S into Moose River near headwaters
53.1833 N 118.9333 W — Map 83E/2 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1951
Official in BCCanada

The flowering plants bladder campion and alpine campion are indigenous to the Canadian Rockies.

This creek has also been labelled variously “Wall,” “Wallpass,” and “Treadmill” creek.


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One thought on “Campion Creek

  1. Lloyd Jeck

    A nice camping spot is available alongside Campion Creek a short distance up from its confluence with Moose River. I was part of a group of six who laid over a day at that location after a very wet trip up Moose Valley from Colonel Creek. We continued up Campion Creek on the seventh day of this 12-day-trip in 1955. Golden eagles soared above as we traversed the valley with Treadmill Ridge on our right. Before we reached the head of the stream, we turned right, up the steep slope, to enter Alberta via Wall Pass and our next camp spot along the Snake Indian River.


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