Carcajou Creek

Alberta. Creek: Smoky River drainage
Heradwaters of Smoky River
53.2814 N 119.2425 W — Map 083E06 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1956
Official in Canada

Surveying the view to the west from Gendarme Mountain during the 1911 Alpine Club of Canada–Smithsonian Robson Expedition, Arthur Oliver Wheeler [1860–1945] wrote:

The valley is a very beautiful one with green alp-lands, shining silver streams and two large ponds visible beside them. It drains to a larger timbered valley trending N. W. and S.E. to the Smoky River. Phillips has named the stream in the valley below us “Wolverine Creek.

Donald “Curly” Phillips [1884–1938]

In French-speaking parts of Canada, the wolverine is referred to as carcajou, borrowed from the Innu-aimun or Montagnais kuàkuàtsheu. However, in France, the wolverine’s name is glouton (glutton).


  • Wheeler, Arthur Oliver [1860–1945]. “The Alpine Club of Canada’s expedition to Jasper Park, Yellowhead Pass and Mount Robson region, 1911.” Canadian Alpine Journal, Vol. 4 (1912):9-80

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