Copley Range

British Columbia. Range
W side Arctic Pacific Lakes Park
54.4333 N 121.8167 W — Map 093I05 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1976
Official in BCCanada

After George Vancouver Copley [1880–1976], who did the first detailed survey and timber reconnaissance in this area in 1915. Copley was born in Cobble Hill at Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island. An early industrial accident left his right arm 5 cm shorter than the left. Prior to 1915, Copley had accompanied Frank Swannell on various surveys from 1909 to 1914, and was hired by the BC Forest Service for the 1915 timber reconnaissance survey of the upper Parsnip River and McGregor River valleys. He continued to work for the BC Forest Service until his retirement.


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