Mount Kenchuse

British Columbia. Mount
Just above Arctic Lake in the Copley Range
54.4106 N 121.7242 W — Map 093I05 — GoogleGeoHack
Name officially adopted in 1976
Official in BCCanada

Named for the Carrier guide who assisted Simon Fraser [1776–1862] in 1806, when he followed the route of Alexander Mackenzie [1764–1820] across the Continental Divide through what is now Arctic Pacific Lakes Park and went on to establish North West Company posts at Stuart Lake and Fraser Lake.

June 30 — The entrance of the first Lake [at the height of land] was stopped with drift wood, but at the expense of some time and trouble we opened a passage into the Lake [Arctic Lake] and advanced about a mile and a half, where we found the strange Indian all ready mentioned with his family, and also Ranchuse [Kenchuse] the Carrier, who came ahead with him yesterday.

July 17 — Having arrived last night too late to gum the canoes we were under the necessity of performing that operation this morning before we set off, and it was 7 A.M. before we took our departure; and we did not advance above two miles when we got to the foot of a cascade and a long Rapid where our guide Kenchuse dammed blockhead that never passed [through this country] before I believe, informed us that it was fine going on the left shore. Accordingly we traversed, and went up but a very short distance when we were obliged to stop and mend the bow of my canoe, which got such a thump upon a tree that shattered it so much that it could continue no longer upon the water in the state it was in.


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