McGregor River

Feature type: river
Province: British Columbia
Location: Flows W into Fraser River, N of Upper Fraser

Surveyor James Herrick McGregor (1869-1915) was born in Montreal, and received his early education in the east. He came to western Canada in 1891 and obtained his commission as a Provincial Land Surveyor. He practiced his profession for a few years in the Kootenays and subsequently settled in Victoria. MacGregor was involved in the 1891-98 triangulation and photo-topographic surveys of the southern Rocky Mountains in the vicinity of the Alberta-British Columbia boundary. He enlisted early in World War I and was killed at Ypres.

His obituary in the Victoria Colonist stated: “For the past 25 years Captain McGregor has been one of the best known Victorians. Throughout the Province, too, he was well known, as in past years he visited many sections of British Columbia in his business of a Provincial land surveyor. With his fellow officers of the 50th Gordon Highlanders, and also with the men under his command, he was esteemed for his many sterling qualities. The late Captain McGregor leaves a widow and four children.”


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