Goodair Peak

Feature type: Peak (2)
Province: British Columbia
Location: S of headwaters of Geike Creek
Latitude: 52°39’30”
Longitude: 118°23’00”
NTS map: 83D/9
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names

Jasper Park warden Percy Hamilton Goodair (died 1928) was killed by a grizzly bear and buried near his cabin in the Tonquin Valley. Goodair was an educated Englishman who traveled extensively in South Africa and Australia before coming to Jasper and joining the warden service.

In September 1928, Goodair failed to contact Park headquarters for over a week. Other park wardens went in to search. Their dog found Goodair’s snow-covered body lying on a trail near the cabin. He had claw marks on his face and a handkerchief stuffed under his arm in an attempt to stop bleeding from an opened artery.

An attendee who had met Goodair at the 1926 Alpine Club of Canada camp in the Tonquin Valley stated, “So died, where he would have liked to, one of the most delightful and cultivated gentlemen I have known. He was in no sense a climber, although he could mount the hills faster than I care to do; but he had an intense love of the mountains surpassed by no man. You know the setting of his Maccarib Creek Cabin faces towards the Ramparts. Of that glorious outlook he never tired. We spent five nights with him and he would call us our again and again to see the magnificent and ever-changing light effects on the peaks.”

In Goodair’s files was a letter stating, “If anything happens to me I want to be buried in the mountains.” The wardens made a coffin with floor-boards from the cabin veranda. A number of Goodair’s Masonic brothers went in with the doctor and police, who were holding an inquest, and conducted the funeral. “He was one of our best wardens and loved the outside life and disliked the town,” said a Parks report.


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