Lynx Mountain

Alberta-BC boundary. Mountain
Alta-BC boundary, E of Mount Robson
53°7’35” N 119°2’53” W — Map 083E03 — GoogleGeoHack
Earliest known reference to this name is 1908 (Coleman).
Name officially adopted in 1923
Official in BCCanada

“My brother [Lucius] one day explored the main glacier for two or three miles,” wrote Arthur P. Coleman of his visit to Mount Robson in 1908, “making the curious find of the bones of a lynx among some moraine debris on the ice. Why had the animal chosen that out-of-the-way desert of ice as a burial place? We named the nearest mountain to the west Lynx Mountain, in his honour.”


  • Coleman, Arthur Philomen [1852–1939]. The Canadian Rockies: New and Old Trails. London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1911, p. 319. Internet Archive

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