Lynx Mountain

Feature type: Mountain
Province: British Columbia
Location: Alta-BC boundary, E of Mount Robson
Latitude: 53°07’00”
Longitude: 119°03’00”
NTS map: 83E/3
Official name listed at BC Geographical Names

“My brother [Lucius] one day explored the main glacier for two or three miles,” wrote Arthur Coleman of his visit to mount robson in 1908, “making the curious find of the bones of a lynx among some morain debris on the ice. Why had the animal chosen that out-of-the-way desert of ice as a burian place? We named the nearest mountain to the west Lynx Mountain, in his honour.”


  • Coleman, Arthur Philemon, 1852-1939. The Canadian Rockies: new and old trails. Toronto: Henry Frowde, 1911

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